Welcome to Indexes and Special Projects

This database has been prepared to improve access to historical records and information relating to Aboriginal Western Australians. The database is designed to support ancestral research whilst contributing to an enhanced understanding of the history of the State.

The indexes and special projects listed below are available for searching. If you find an entry in one of these lists and wish to view more information, you can:

Carrolup Native Settlement Burial Index

A comprehensive register of Aboriginal men, women and children who died at Carrolup Native Settlement or were buried at the Carrolup Aboriginal Cemetery.

Carrolup Settlement Admissions

A databased containing the names of people who at some point in their life were placed in the Carrolup Settlement between 1915 and 1922.

Historical Town blocks granted to Aboriginal people

An index to residential town blocks purchased or leased by Aboriginal men and women in Western Australia between 1900 and 1960.

Moore River Native Settlement Burial Register

An index to the individuals buried in the cemetery at Moore River Native Cemetery between 1918 and 1964. The information includes age, sex, cause of death, parents and names of spouses.

Norman Tindale Collection

An index to the names of Aboriginal Western Australians within the genealogies compiled by Norman Tindale and his associates in 52 locations across the State between 1935-1966.  A listing of many corresponding photographs and anthropological data cards is also included.

Pastoral and Agricultural Leases - Applications by Aboriginal people between 1887 and 1933

Historical land lease applications made by Aboriginal men and women for agricultural and pastoral pursuits between the period 1887 and 1933 (commencing with the introduction of Land Regulations 1887, through to the replacement of the Land Act 1933).

Perth and Swan Orphanages and Native and Half-Caste Mission Index

This index includes the names of children of Aboriginal descent who were placed in the Perth and Swan Orphanages and Native and Half-Caste Mission between 1871 to 1920.

Police Trackers

Database containing the names and service details of Aboriginal men engaged as Trackers by the Western Australian Police Department between 1931 and 1954.

Wadjemup: The Land Beyond the Shore (Coming soon)

A database of Aboriginal prisoners (male and female) sent to Wadjemup (Rottnest Island) between the years 1900-1931.